About us


We would like to use the chance to introduce to you our company Santa Skopie Ltd., founded in 1998. Our basic activity is the sale of aluminum products/displays, applicable in the sphere of advertising: Snap frames, Stretch frames, A Boards, Info boards, Light boxes, Show boards, Banners, Zick-zack stands, Brochure sets, Panset and POP UP Exhibition Wall Systems, etc.
All of the products are made of high quality aluminum material in combination with acryl and in conformity with the world standards.


Santa display LTD has been organized with me commitment to catch the unrivalled standards in products and service or Point or Sale and Display world. Passing years has made no changes on our values which are;

• Universal business ethics,
• Reliability,
• Innovation,
• Pursuit or excellence.
• Caring customer service ior maximum satisfaction.

The success of our firm generates from well organized skilled professionals, investment in equipment and manpower, with a flexible production which fully carries out the needs of our dealers. Those combined with our principle "act & respond on the same day" , superlative quality and long years experience in providing effective solutions, bring up the desirable results for outdoor and indoor displays.

The relationship with our clients based on providing outstanding levels or service, communication and confidence, has created the Santa Displays reputation which we are aware or its serious responsibility.

We again point out that "Our displays offer you solutions today for your communication needs in future"